A map 15 Attorney Generals don’t want you to know about


When DACA was initially rescinded in 2017, polls showed that 8 out of 10 Americans favor some sort of Dreamer law for DACA recipients with 86% in favor of giving them work permits and 79% in favor of giving Dreamers a pathway to citizenship. Despite the odds, Attorney generals that were originally led to sue the Trump administration over the legality of DACA tried to have everyone believe that America was opposed to continuing the program.

As of November 14, 2019 the reality of the matter is that 30% of attorney generals are falsely representing their corresponding states and have infiltrated our justice system with fear-mongering–despite and overwhelming presence of support from every major city in their corresponding states. 4% seem to be undecided and 66% out of 50 state attorney generals are correctly reflecting the people they represent.

The following map has been illustrated to show the Divided States of America. I started by highlighting the states that were initially led by Ken Paxton to rescind DACA. I then recolored the states that reversed their position and withdrew their signatures from Ken Paxton’s list of attorney generals. Each purple colored state represents the corresponding states that have shown support for DACA from attorney generals, governors and state officials. The only two states: New Hampshire and Oklahoma came back inconclusive, that is to say, I could not find any state official statement where any support was advocated in favor or against Dreamers.

I encourage DACA Recipients from the yellow states to reach out and get clarification, I also stand to be corrected if anyone hears of changes to each state’s official views on DACA and their support. Thank you.