SCOTUS denied the Trump Administration’s plea to rush the DACA case in one sentence.

As of April 30, 2019: Approximately 669,080 DACA recipients continue to live with uncertainty.

As 2019 rolls on through, those of us with DACA have got to continue to work hard. The entire planet is watching us under a microscope and we must continue to be resilient in our journey to being one step closer to the American dream.

It’s important to note that the Supreme Court of the United States does not create law; it interprets it. They all see tons and tons of cases everyday. It’s smart to push the DACA case until after the court has had some sort of break. We’re all overdue for a big break, let those whose gavels hold our to futures in their hands get the proper rest before a decision comes to a close.

Until then, keep working hard, keep showing the world that you’re worth it. Don’t follow the herd blindly, you’re just as American as anyone else. We’re supposed to be the cream of the crop. You can do it, I can do it.